The Pros And Cons Of Window Replacement Vs. Repair

31 March 2023
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If your existing windows are leaking or the interior seal has broken, creating condensation between the panes, there are two basic options. You can replace the windows, or you can repair them. There is some debate on the matter, but many window professionals suggest replacement as a more permanent fix than repair. Here are the pros and cons of choosing to replace your existing residential windows.


Newer Products

When you choose to replace your windows rather than repair them, you have the option to opt for the latest window products on the market. Chances are if your current windows are leaking or experiencing failed seals, they are several years old. Newer products use better materials and better processes to create top-of-the-line windows. If you choose a reliable new product, you can rest easy that your replacement windows will be leak-free and resilient for years to come.

Added Insulation

If you currently have single-pane windows, replacing them with double or triple-pane windows will massively improve the energy efficiency of your home due to the added insulation. In fact, you will cut your current heat loss in half if you opt to replace your single-pane windows with double-pane. That will provide significant cost savings and use much less fuel or electricity for both heating and cooling.


If you have existing double-pane windows with broken seals that let condensation in between the panes, you might think that replacing the seals will fix the windows for many years to come. However, an old window can't always be fixed by simply replacing the seal. In many cases, the seal could have failed for other reasons. The problem could be faulty or deteriorating materials around the seal, and you may experience problems again if you opt to replace the seal and keep the old windows. You will improve your odds of eliminating leaks for much longer if you replace your windows rather than repair them.



Replacing windows is typically more costly than repairing windows. The average cost for a window replacement in the U.S. is $564 per window. That price may be lower or higher depending on the quality and size of the window you choose. The added cost is often the reason that homeowners choose repair over replacement. However, when considering other factors like added insulation and longevity, many consider replacement worth the extra peace of mind.

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