Auto Windshield Glass Options

26 March 2021
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A broken windshield on your car can't be ignored. When it comes to replacement, you will have a few options. Dealer Glass Dealer glass is most often only available from a certified dealer of your auto make and model, although some certified mechanics and glass services may also be able to provide it. In general, dealer glass will be the most expensive option for windshield replacement, simply because it is directly from your car's manufacturer. Read More 

A Guide For Buying Replacement Shower Doors

10 February 2021
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Are you tired of walking through cold puddles of water every time you walk out of the shower? Maybe you feel your bathroom needs a new and stylish door that revamp its look. Whatever your reasons for desiring a new shower door, you are about to walk into a new world of confusion when picking a piece for your bathroom. Here are some things you must consider when buying a replacement shower door. Read More