3 Reasons To Choose Solar Control Glass For Your Storefront

15 July 2022
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A glass storefront allows potential customers to get a glimpse at the products your business sells. There are many types of glass available for commercial use, but not all of these options are well-suited for use as a storefront. Solar control glass is a great option that can help you enhance the aesthetic of your storefront while still maintaining the safety and efficiency of your commercial space.

1. Solar Control Glass Is Good for the Environment

Today's consumers pay more attention to a company's impact on the planet than ever before. Companies that invest in environmentally friendly upgrades can capitalize on the goodwill and respect these upgrades garner from consumers.

Solar control glass is an extremely eco-friendly product. This unique type of glass is treated with a specialized glaze that helps to block the sun's UV rays and minimize heat transfer.

Your commercial building will require less energy to maintain indoor temperatures when you have a solar control glass storefront, making this glass a good option when you want to minimize your impact on the environment.

2. Solar Control Glass Saves Money

A lot of the businesses in operation today maintain slim profit margins. Managing overhead costs in your commercial space is critical if you hope to maintain your profit margin over time.

Heating, cooling, and electrical costs are among the most significant expenses you will pay in a commercial space. Solar control glass has the ability to help reduce each of these major expenses.

The specialized glazing will help to maintain a more constant indoor temperature, which minimizes heating and cooling costs.

You won't have to close the blinds or keep your storefront covered to prevent heat transfer, so you can take advantage of the natural light these windows let through. The more natural light you have streaming in through your storefront, the less reliant you will be on electric light sources.

3. Solar Control Glass Is Durable

You need to be familiar with the composition of solar control glass to fully appreciate how durable this glass product truly is.

All solar control glass panels are constructed using multiple layers of transparent materials designed to block UV rays and heat. Most solar control glass options are also double glazed, which means there are even more layers in the mix.

The layered composition of solar control glass allows this type of glass to be less brittle and prone to cracks than ordinary glass. You want durable glass for your storefront so that you can prevent injury and maintain the integrity of your commercial space.

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