4 Guidelines On How To Best Handle A Broken Car Glass

8 June 2022
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Dealing with broken car glass isn't something you prepare for in advance. However, it is crucial to protect your broken window until you get to an auto glass mechanic. Some of the sources of window damage include hail, collisions, and objects thrown at your vehicle. Your car windows could also get broken in a smash-and-grab crime. You should follow these guidelines to deal with instances where someone damages your vehicle window.

Call the Police

If you left your vehicle in the lot only to come back and find it smashed, you should call the police. Often, someone takes advantage of the security situation to access the inside of your vehicle and take personal items. After calling the police, you should assess the interior and find out what they stole. When authorities arrive, you can make a report of the incident so they can start the investigation. Their involvement is crucial because it can help you have an easier time with the insurance companies. 

Contact Your Insurer

The second step should be calling your insurance provider. Most people have a policy covering their vehicles against collisions, natural calamities, and even theft or vandalism. When you contact the insurance service provider, inform them about the incident. They might require backup evidence, so ensure you take photos of the broken glass and the police report. Additionally, hold off touching or cleaning up the vehicle until you have spoken to the insurer and they have made their recommendation. 

Clean Up the Glass

The next step in the process should be cleaning up. If the damage happened because of theft or vandalism, you might have glass inside the car. Careful cleaning will keep everyone safe from the shards. You should also take the vehicle for inspection by an auto mechanic.

Take Your Vehicle To An Auto Glass Shop

The next step in the process should be replacing the glass. Get an auto glass replacement expert close to you to assess the damage and replace it. After the glass replacement, you should also have the entire vehicle inspected. The professional will help you determine whether your car might have other hidden issues from the incident.

These are simple guidelines for the best experience handling a broken car window. Following these steps is an ideal way to ensure you resolve the problem and get the insurance service provider to pay for the damage. Also, will get you a quick repair so that you can resume other activities. 

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