4 Incredible Benefits Of Installing Frameless Shower Doors

21 April 2022
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Are you looking for classic ways to spruce up your bathroom? Installing a glass shower door can be an ideal way of giving your property a facelift. You might be confused when you want to install a glass feature in your shower space. So should you choose frameless or framed doors? Generally, both choices are attractive, and you'll need to make an informed decision. Below are some impressive benefits of installing frameless shower doors.

1. Make Spaces Look Bigger

Frameless shower doors allow light penetration into the entire bathroom space. Shower curtains make the bathroom look gloomy and dull, while framed doors don't offer maximum natural light.

This ability to let natural light into the bathroom can make your space appear bigger and more spacious. If you have no room for bathroom expansion, you might want to take advantage of frameless shower doors.

2. Allow Easy Cleaning

It is not uncommon for framed shower doors to hide mold, dirt, and scum between the edges of the frame. The dirt can also get trapped and build up underneath the door's track and seal. This makes it hard to dig in and retrieve the dirt. You will be forced to clean regularly to avoid dirt build-up in these hard-to-reach spots.

However, frameless options don't pose this challenge. All you need to do is wipe off any lingering dirt with water. The frameless edges have no hidden spots to allow dirt accumulation.

3. Enhance Safety Features

Your greatest concern before installing glass doors is their safety. Frameless doors are designed to be thicker to withstand impact. Tempered glass is commonly used to prevent the material from crashing into tiny and sharp shards that can injure you severely.

Moreover, they are known to lock in vapor and moisture in the shower space to minimize slip and fall accidents. By keeping the bathroom completely dry, you can avoid severe injuries.

4. Easy to Incorporate Different Door Styles  

Frameless shower doors allow contractors to get creative. You can play around with various designs because there are no frames to limit your imagination. If you want to install less common door styles like the swinging or pivot door, the frameless option will make your dreams come true.

If you are looking for safety and versatility in a shower door, frameless options are a good option. Contact a contractor near you for more information about frameless shower doors